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Dr Angel Serrano

Director Dental, Tijuana Dentist

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
1969-1974 Generation

Dr. Angel Serrano believes in providing high quality dental services.
High quality
Dental Services

The first ones to be certified by the Quality Assurance consultants in the United States and exclusively contracted by ten HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Prepaid Dental Programs.

Our prices are accessible and fair for your needs.
You will probably get all the services you need for 50% or less of what you would pay in the United States.

Dr. Angel Serrano

El Dr. Angel Serrano cree en proporcionar servicios dentales de alta calidad. Es uno de los pocos profesionistas de su generación nativos de la ciudad de Tijuana. Su continua búsqueda de superación lo llevo a una actualización constante que lo capacito para establecer una practica exitosa y reconocida no solo localmente sino también en los Estados vecinos de la Unión Americana. Tan es así que fue invitado a formar parte como consultor de aseguranzas dentales de los Estados Unidos.

Es precisamente la necesidad de proveer servicios a los miembros de estas aseguranzas y la numerosa practica privada que se vio en la necesidad de conjuntar un grupo de profesionales con los que se reúne quincenalmente para evaluar el servicio y considerar nuevas técnicas y materiales dentales. Es asi como una practica exitosa y confiable sigue creciendo y proveyendo servicio de altos estándares de calidad.

Dr Angel Serrano
Dr. Paul Manos, DDS
Dental Director of United Concordia Dental Plans

Dr. Angel Serrano

Somos los primeros en México, en haber sido contratados por una aseguradora dental de los Estados Unidos (1983). United Concordia (UC) nos otorgo este reconocimiento por la EXELENCIA DE NUESTRO SERVICIO y no haber recibido ninguna queja de los miembros ( 2004 a 2007)

Angel Serrano

Dr Angel Serrano

Dr. Angel Serrano believes in providing high standard quality services. His continuous search for excellence led him to permanent improvement that enabled him to establish a successful and recognized practice not only locally but in the United States . He was invited to become a consultant of pre-paid dental program in the United States. The need to provide services to members of many state-side Dental Insurance plans, has taken him to develop and coordinate a professional team. This team meets every other week to evaluate and improve the service by considering new thechmiques and materials. This is how a successful and confident practice keeps growing providing hihg standard quality service.

Recognition of Excellence

Receiving a certificate of recognition for his excellent performance, for having free grievances or complaints.

Dr. Paul Manos, DDS Dental Director of United Concordia Dental Plans

Dr. Angel Serrano Director of CLINICA DENTAL TIJUANA. Receiving a certificate of recognition for his excellent performance, for having free grievances or complaints.

Clínica Dental Tijuana.

Since 1974 Clínica Dental Tijuana has been the dental facility where both California’s, and all the surrounding states residents visit. 90% percent of our patients come from the United States and Canada.

For generations, our patients have found here excellent dental care in a relaxed environment. Our entire staff is highly qualified, to provide you with a personalized attention. You will always have the same doctor assigned to you. In the spacious facility of "Clínica Dental Tijuana" with over 3000 square feet you will find modern equipment enough to provide you the dentistry services that you need, in less visits.

Spacious facility and first quality equipment.

The largest Dental Clinic in Tijuana. Eight fully equipped operatories
Meets US OSHA’S hygiene regulation (periodically audited by US insurers). Six experienced general TIJUANA DENTISTS and four certified DENTAL SPECIALISTS. All your dental needs taken care of in one location

We are a Dental Clinic in permanent improvement

We only use ADA (American Dental Association) approved materials.

We obtain and maintain the highest sterilization levels through permanent peer reviews of all of our instruments and equipment. We make weekly spore tests to our sterilizing equipment. Each instrument is sterilized in an individual bag and it is opened in front of the patient to ensure your safety
Strict Infection Control Regulations.

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