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Dr. Angel Serrano


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Dr. Angel Serrano
Dr. Angel Serrano

Dr. Ángel Serrano
Director Dental
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
1969-1974 Generation

Dr. Angel Serrano believes in providing high standard quality services. His continuous search for excellence led him to permanent improvement that enabled him to establish a successful and recognized practice not only locally but in the United States . He was invited to become a consultant of pre-paid dental program in the United States. The need to provide services to members of many state-side Dental Insurance plans, has taken him to develop and coordinate a professional team. This team meets every other week to evaluate and improve the service by considering new thechmiques and materials. This is how a successful and confident practice keeps growing providing hihg standard quality service.

Dr. Paul Manos, DDS

Dental Director of United Concordia Dental Plans

Dr. Angel Serrano

Receiving a certificate of recognition for his excellent performance, for having free grievances or complaints.

Dr. Angel Serrano

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